The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Graphic Design programme is accredited and registered with the relevant regulatory authorities in South Africa. The programme is only available to currently enrolled students and Pearson Institute will not have a new intake for this programme from 2017.

The Honours programme is designed to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world. Pearson Institute facilitates the development of self-motivated and self-disciplined graduates and practitioners.

The programme is designed to equip and enrich students with the knowledge, skills, tools and values necessary to become inspired and innovative leaders in their chosen field of specialisation. The programme appreciates the importance of finding a balance between creative vision and output, personal integrity and academic excellence. In keeping with this, the curriculum emphasises the development of skills and knowledge in the following broad areas: trends research, creativity and innovative thinking, synergy and collaboration, future-oriented solutions and specialisation.

The qualification aims to fulfil a holistic educational agenda by preparing students to embark on, or continue, their careers as valuable design practitioners, educators and leaders in the field of design and creative practice. It is also designed to stimulate and guide students along the path of self-development and lifelong learning so that their careers will develop in line with their own evolution.

In line with this, the dedicated team of experts offers flexible, customised solutions that combine academic flair, design acumen and innovative vision. Pearson Institute is committed to providing a service that facilitates personal and professional development, and as such Pearson Institute is responsive to students’ unique circumstances, requirements and priorities. To this end, Pearson Institute offers support that includes blended course material and methods according to a flexible schedule which includes Saturday seminars and workshops, personal consultations, online communications and after-hours classes




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Course summary

  • Location Midrand Campus
  • SAQA ID number 90541
  • NQF level Level 8
  • Faculty Faculty of Humanities
  • Study Mode Full-time (FT) / Part-time, Full-time. Classes are offered on Saturdays with consultations during the week at times convenient for working designers.
  • Start Date Semester 1: February
  • Study Duration Minimum: 1 year, Maximum: 2 years
  • Accredited / registered / recognised by Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE). South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Pearson Institute is a member of DEFSA.


  • Pearson Institute of Higher Education, 44 Alsatian Road, Glen Austin Extension 3, Midrand, South Africa, 1685
  • +27 11 690 1700