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Your future starts now
At Pearson Institute, your preparation for the world of work starts from the moment you enrol with us. Aligned to our core strategic theme of developing real world ready graduates, we give you all the tools you need to shape your own future and enhance your career prospects.

From our career-focussed qualifications, to our collaborative teaching methods, to our employability resources and services, we will help you work towards your career aspirations.

Choosing a qualification
It all starts with selecting a qualification that suits you and what you want to achieve. Our Higher Education Consultants are available to assist you with this important first step.

Qualification-specific internships, work integrated learning and practical projects
As part of our curricula, our qualifications have a relevant work experience or practical component. In the case of our degree programmes, you either complete work integrated learning (WIL) in your third year in an industry appropriate organisation, or you complete qualification-led community or business projects that will give you practical experience. In our shorter programmes, you complete projects based on real world case studies.

Some of our qualifications have facilities and services where you can gain work experience by volunteering. Not only does volunteering benefit the community, it is the perfect place to get work experience. In addition, volunteering for subject specific projects and general work related activities is a great networking opportunity and another route to broadening your career options.

Developing transferrable skills
What makes us unique in the higher education space is our focus on developing graduates who have transferrable skills. Because of our innovative and interactive teaching methods and facilities, our graduates develop additional behaviours that go beyond subject knowledge, such as being productive, resilient and persevering. Being able to communicate effectively, use relevant technology and work with diverse people in different groups makes you more competitive and ready for the world of work.

Industry partnerships
Due to our strong relationships with industry, academic institutions and our alumni, we also host presentations and events where guest speakers share their expertise and offer career inputs. Here you get the chance to meet a range of working professionals, get advice on career options and gain valuable insights into the market and your specific industry.

Another of our employability goals is to produce graduates who are able to generate their own economic activity. We know that many of you will want to start your own businesses or be self-employed when you graduate. The way we structure your learning, ensures that you are well prepared to create your own world of work. We provide an environment where your entrepreneurial ambitions can begin while you are still a student. We have many examples of students, supported by faculties and staff that have been highly successful with start-ups. Our Pearson Institute Bloemfontein campus founded a Small Business Unit in 2014 to assist community-based small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) that need commercial, communication and IT services. You gain valuable qualification-led practical experience, vital to entrepreneurship, in upliftment projects like this and at the same time local enterprises benefit.

Employability centres
We know that looking for work after graduation can be challenging and at times frustrating. For this reason, aligned to our promise of doing everything we can to prepare you for the modern workplace, we have Employability Centres on seven of our campuses and one virtual centre for students to access remotely. We will have a team of dedicated advisors who will be there to help you make informed career choices. They will offer general career advice and organise a range of training, networking and information sessions, experiential training, transition skills workshops and mock interview practise sessions. They will also offer job application support and provide resources to help you seek employment.

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