Why are surveys important?

Survey results are an important element for us. Pearson Institute is committed to responding to feedback collected. The results are disseminated to the relevant campuses and Faculties, and then fed into action plans to improve your student experience, learning, and progression through the student journey and beyond. There will be 4 main surveys during your time as a student, but from time to time, you may be expected to fill out some other short polls to find out what you think but we will try to keep these to a minimum. Watch this space for the actions we’re taking as a result of your feedback.

All survey results are confidential and have the full support of the Students Representative Council (SRC).

About the BUSSE

The Beginning University Survey of Student Engagement (BUSSE) is a survey for first year students to find out what their expectations are when starting at PIHE and what experiences they had at high school.

When is it going to run?

In 2016, the BUSSE will run from Monday, 14 March - Friday, 1 April.

What does this mean for me?

If you are a 1st year student, look out for the survey link in myLMS. Set aside 10 minutes of your day to complete the survey thoughtfully. It is really easy to complete, but your feedback is very valuable because it lets PIHE know how to help you achieve the best results you can get right from the beginning.

Mark shares his thoughts on the importance of surveys

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