How to Apply

At Pearson Institute, we’re here to help you excel and prepare for the working world.

Our application process is simple and students can apply in one of the following ways:


Online Application

Simply complete our Online Application Form here and upload all of the necessary documentation so that it can be processed by our administrative department. Your application will be completed once all of the necessary fees have been paid.


Postal/Email Application

If you would prefer to email or post your application, you can download the Application Form here.
Please ensure that you also send through all additional documentation that might be required so that your application can be processed in a timely manner.
It’s advisable to keep a copy of your application for your own records. If you will be posting your application, please keep your receipt as a record of when it was posted. Be aware that it can take up to 3 weeks for postal applications to reach us.

Email or post your application to your preferred Pearson Institute campus:

Transferring to Pearson Institute

If you’re already a student at another institution and would like to transfer to Pearson Institute, you must meet the minimum requirements for the qualification that you will be applying for.

Please fill in our Credit Exemption Application Form to apply for credits for equivalent modules you have already completed. Your credit transfer will need to be approved prior to commencing your studies at Pearson Institute.

Pearson Institute may grant credit for modules that were passed with satisfactory grades under the following conditions:

  • The module you have completed is equivalent to Pearson Institute’s module in terms of NQF level, content, outcomes and assessment criteria.

In order to apply for credits for modules at Pearson Institute, you will need to provide us with the following documents:

  • Academic transcript
  • Proof of registration and accreditation of the institution where the module/s were completed.
  • Detailed syllabus for each module including content, NQF level, number of credits, prescribed and recommended readings, module outcomes and assessment criteria.

Transferring to a New Pearson Campus

If you’re currently a Pearson Institute student but would like to transfer to a different Pearson campus, please complete the Campus Transfer Form and submit it at your current Pearson campus.

Application Approval

If your application to study at Pearson Institute is approved, you will receive an offer letter. Your letter will guide you on how to accept your offer to study and what you can expect as a Pearson Institute student.

Application Assistance

If you need help with your application or would like any additional guidance on our qualifications or programmes or how to prepare to study at Pearson Institute, please email or call 011 690 1700 to speak to one of our higher education consultants or student advisors.

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